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Belgian Gulch Persians
 Kitten Sale Contract

This contract is for the sale of a ___________(color) persian born on__________. 
Sale price of:
This cat or kitten is purchased for Pet___Breeding___Show____
Above described kitten has been sold to:
Who resides at:
is hereby referred to as buyer.
Buyer's Email:
Buyer's Telephone Number:
Liz Smith & Thomas Rubino, owners of Belgian Gulch Persians, residing at 577 Swamp Creek Road, Trout Creek MT  59874. (406) 827-3772,, is herby referred to as seller.
  1. The health of these kittens is guaranteed.  We want our kittens to be happy in your home.  Please do not declaw this animal/s.  We will not accept them back should this happen.  These kittens have had some vaccinations and buyer is given a list and health record of these and which vaccinations are still due.  Buyer is responsible for getting this done.
  2. Buyer accepts full responsibility for this kitten and providing properly for its health and welfare.  Buyer agrees this kitten will always receive prompt medical care.
  3. Buyer agrees never to allow this kitten to roam free outdoors unattended.
  4. Buyer has 5 working days to have kitten examined by a vet after which time the replacement of the kitten will not be considered.  Should the animal be diagnosed to have a deformity or serious illness.
  5. Seller will replace any kitten should it die of a genetic defect on or before its 1st birthday, providing that Belgian Gulch Persians is still breeding, and that defect is evidenced in an autopsy report provided to seller from buyer.
  6. There will be absolutely no cash refunds after 72 hours.
  7. Belgian Gulch is NOT liable for any veterinary fees or other costs and expenses directly and indirectly associated with this cat or kitten after it has been released from Belgian Gulch Cattery.
  8. Belgian Gulch Persians makes no guarentees concerning the future fertility or show achievements of this cat(s) or kitten(s).
  9. Buyer will not administer the feline leukemia or FIP vaccine to kitten, understanding these vaccines may cause harm to kitten's health and these 2 stated vaccinations will null and void the 1 - year health guarantee.
  10. Buyer agrees to pay any and all court costs if this contract is litigated, and that any suit shall be tried in the seller's state and under seller's state law (Montana State, Sanders County).
  11. If purchased as a pet buyer agrees to spay or neuter this kitten before 6 months of age and agrees and guarantees that this kitten WILL NOT be used for stud or breeding.  Belgian Gulch Persians agrees to provide the registration paper for this kitten upon presentation of a veterinarian's certificate of spaying or neutering.

Buyers signature indicates full agreement and understanding of the above.