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CFA Color Descriptions


CFA Color Descriptions
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These color descriptions come from the CFA Breed Standard Page.

Black Smoke:  undercoat white, deeply tipped with black.  Cat in repose appears black.  In motion the white undercoat is clearly apparent.  Face, legs and tail, black with narrow band of white at base of hairs next to skin which may be seen only when fur is parted.  White frill and ear tufts.
Classic Tabby Pattern:  markings dense, clearly defined, and broad.  Legs evenly barred with bracelets coming up to meet the body markings.  Tail evenly ringed.  Several unbroken necklaces on neck and upper chest, the more the better.  Frown marks on forehead form an intricate letter"M".  Unbroken line runs back from outer corner of eye.  Swirls on cheeks.  Vertical lines over back of head extend to shoulder markings which are in the shape of a butterfly with both upper and lower wings distinctly outlined and marked with dots inside outline.  Black markings consist of a vertical line down the spine from butterfly to tail with a vertical stripe paralleling it on each side, the three stripes well spearated by stripes of the ground color.  Large solid blotch on each side to be encircled by one or more unbroken rings.  Side markings should be the same on both sides.  Double vertical rows of buttons on chest and stomach.
Mackerel Tabby Pattern:  markings dense, clearly defined, and all narrow pencillings.  Legs evenly barred with narrow bracelets coming up to meet the body markings.  Tail barred.  Neclaces on neck and chest distinct, like so many chains.  Head barred with an "M" on the forehead.  Unbroken lines running back from the eyes.  Lines running down the head to meet the shoulders.  Spine lines run together to form a narrow saddle.  Narrow pencillings run around body.
Silver Tabby (classic, mackerel):  ground color pale silver.  Markings of dense black. Undercoat white.  Lips and chin the same shade as the rings around the eyes.

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